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Here, you´ll find all important news about KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH. This does not only include product information of our manufacturers, but also helpful industry news, exhibition notices and résumés, information about new manufacturers and everything else that could be interesting for you.

KAMAKA at Battery Show from June 18 – 20 (04/2024)

Meet with battery manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, industry representatives and key decision makers at a conference and exhibition showcasing the latest advances in modern battery technology and the automotive sector. We, KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH, will also be at the […]


Calex – Empowering Innovations in Transportation (03/2024)

Calex’s rail, transportation, and industrial DC-DC converters are designed to provide isolated DC power for applications requiring high reliability in demanding conditions. Utilizing the latest in technology development, Calex DC-DC converters cover a wide range of battery input voltages from […]


e-peas – Dual Input Energy Harvesting (03/2024)

e-peas dual source energy harvesting IC solution AEM13920 is a versatile dual energy source input PMIC combining: very high efficiency MPP conversion from two independent harvester sources, flexible harvester combinations (among TEG, RF, Pulse, Photovoltaic), power flow measurement to and […]


Calex – 1500W 48S12.1K5BCA Bi-directional DC/DC (03/2024)

Introducing the 1500W 48S12.1K5BCA Bi-directional DC/DC Converter – a cutting-edge solution from Calex (Distributor: KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH). This non-isolated converter, designed for in-vehicle power distribution, is tailored for 12V/48V battery configurations, catering to various applications like micro and […]