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Here, you´ll find all important news about KAMAKA Electronic Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH. This does not only include product information of our manufacturers, but also helpful industry news, exhibition notices and résumés, information about new manufacturers and everything else that could be interesting for you.

Winslow – Allocation & Obsolescence Solutions (09/2021)

Winslow has worked as Obsolescence expert for more than 30 years. By remanufacturing legacy components, they are your trusted source for fast, cost-effective obsolescence solutions and supply chain shortages. Their services include: Package / footprint conversion: Ideal for prototyping, bridging […]


Sunlike – UART LCD / OLED Modules

UART LCD/ OLED Modules SUNLIKE offers character/ graphic/ color displays with UART module. It is possible to design the user interface by Sunlike’s UI Edit Software with much ease, not to mention the saving of workload.         […]


IR – R9 Rad Hard MOSFET Technology

Higher performance & efficiencies with low risk design reuse International Rectifier HiRel (IR HiRel)’s new R9 superjunction technology platform offers notable size, weight and power improvements over prior rad hard MOSFET generations, delivering superior performance and efficiencies with a well-known […]


Micross – CGA Column Attach Advantages

CGA is an enabling interconnect technology for high reliability applications, providing superior performance over BGA in thermal cycling by utilizing column interconnects to mitigate thermal stresses, where these stresses could shear standard BGA interconnects. Micross has one of the most […]


Contech – RQS 75 Watt Series for Railway Applications

Contech’s RQS 75 Watt Quarter Brick Series of DC/DC converters is specifically designed for use in railway applications. Features: Input Voltage Range of 72V (43-101VDC) and 110V (66-160VDC) Compliance to Railway Standard EN50155 Compliance to EMI Standard EN50121-3-2 3000 VAC […]


Guangzhou Top Power – DC/DC Converters for E-Mobility

Guangzhou Top Power designs and manufactures DC/DC converters ideally suited for E-Mobility applications. TP20(30)DC Series: 20-30W 1.5KVDC isolated Wide Input Voltage DC/DC Converters The rated output power is 20W,30W, 2:1 ,4:1 input voltage range, the voltage range is 9V-18V,18V-36V,36V-75V, 9V-36V, […]