Thanks to our technical expertise and experience, KAMAKA has been one of the leading Hi-Rel suppliers in Central Europe since 1992. The quality of our products and the technical competence of our manufacturers are outstanding.

We have great experience in offering power supplies for the most extreme and challenging environments. As the power supply market is constantly growing, KAMAKA is the right distributor for your needs.

Being a specialist for obsolescence strategies and founding member of the Component Obsolescence Group Germany, KAMAKA provides customized and competent obsolescence solutions, meeting your requirements.

Being a central part of a smart and resource-conserving lifestyle, e-mobility is a lucrative growth market in which more and more companies not only from the automotive industry but also beyond will participate. Together, we help you to shape the future with electronics.

IoT Solutions play a significant role in the electronics sector. In order to support and consult our customers the best way possible, we decided to add this essential part of the industry as ou fifth business division.

Having contracts with well-known manufacturers all over the world, we help you to find the right solution. Get a quick overview of our manufacturers and find out more about all of them.