Member of AKRK

Small and medium sized enterprises, short: SMEs, are the heart and the driving force of any market-driven economy.
However, nowhere is their impact on business and society as sustainable and successful as here in Germany where SMEs assume a fundamental role on three decisive levels:

  • based on their specialization in precisely defined product lines at highest possible degrees of vertical integration, they are the proven recipe for permanent top quality
  • with their abilities and capacities concerning development and serial production they meet the fundamental prerequisites to guarantee stability
  • their unique competences in innovation and permanent process optimization form the cornerstones of economic growth.

Being an important distributor for the space industry, KAMAKA Electronic is a member of the German SME working group for space flight AKRK (Arbeitskreis Raumfahrt KMU) hosted by the German space agency DLR as well. The aim of AKRK is to represent the interests of German space SMEs, to exchange information, to debate specific topics and to work on solutions for the space industry.

Approximately 40 German companies are represented on the internet portal of the German space SMEs “Best of Space”. The portal provides an overview of the innovative power and technical expertise. Having great experience of more than three decades, KAMAKA is an active member of the AKRK space working group.

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