The Component Obsolescence Group was founded  in Great Britain in 1997. The Component Obsolescence Group (COG) is a special interest group of like-minded professionals, from all levels of the supply chain and across all industries and relevant government agencies, concerned with addressing and mitigating the effects of obsolescence. COG promotes a pro-active approach to the management of obsolescence and the development of processes for dealing with it, through the mutual, voluntary sharing of obsolescence issues, strategies and solutions.

On March 3rd, 2004 the organization was initiated in Munich for the German speaking area and is now converted into a registered association, which works closely with national COGs (as in UK). KAMAKA Electronic GmbH is one of the founding members of the COGD for the German speaking area.

The terms of reference of the Component Obsolescence Group are to:

  • discuss the criteria which affect component obsolescence
  • identify and analyze various approaches for addressing obsolescence
  • promote the advantages of pro-active management of obsolescence
  • arrange training courses on subjects in the field of obsolescence management
  • organize conferences and trade exhibitions
  • encourage additional parties to join the group
  • liaise and co-operate with other national and international bodies
  • enable data sharing and provide links to available information


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