Target Markets

Aerospace Industry, New Space (LEO Applications), Military Electronics, Homeland and Security Electronics, Mechanical Engineering Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Automation Technology, Medical Technology, Measurement Technology, Control Technology, Solar Technology, Commercial Satellites, Aircraft, Ships, Missiles, Tanks, Ground Support, Satellites, Railway, Commercial Aircraft, Industrial Controls in Severe Environments, Oil & Gas Industry, Energy Harvesting Applications, Smart Home Applications, E-Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles, Robots, Charging Stations, Mild Hybrid Vehicles, Golfcars, E-Scooters, Fuel dispensing, e-Car Charging, Underwater Submarine, Rail Traffic & Transport, Emergency Switch etc.

                         robot android runnning speed concept EV with blurred city abstract lights background

               The gas flare is on the oil rig platform in the gulf of thailand  Communication satellite orbiting earth, 3D rendering  clean energy