Displays and Control Elements

Our Displays and Control Elements Manufacturers:


Displays and control elements play a significant role in the electronics sector. In order to support and consult our customers more efficiently, we decided to add this essential part of the industry as our fifth business division.

Products and Capabilities
  • Touch Metal Piezo Switches & Keypads
  • Non-Touch Infrared Metal Switches
  • Piezo Electric Pushbutton Switches: Ring-, Point- and Non-illuminated from 16mm to 28mm diameters
  • Piezo Electric Keypads
  • Access Control Stand Alone
  • Access Control Keypads with communication protocol
  • Access Control Keypad Readers
  • Control Elements
  • Character Displays of  8×1, 10×4, 16×1, 16×4, 20×2, 20×4, 24×2, 40×2, 40×4, 68×4
  • Graphic LCDs (TN/ STN/ FSTN/ DFSTN)
  • Displays with or w/o backlight
 Our Services
  • Quality Agreements are possible
  • Traceability is guaranteed
  • Only original parts
  • You will get the complete manufacturer guarantee
  • You will get a manufacturer CoC
  • Qualified consulting and design support