Isocom – CSM100 Optocoupler / Optoisolator Selected by ESA for PROBA-3 Mission

Isocom’s CSM100 optocoupler / optoisolator device has been selected and approved by the European Space Agency for use in the PROBA-3 satellite mission. The CSM100 optoisolator is Europe’s very first 4-Pin hermetically sealed ceramic optocoupler device.

The component is composed of an infrared emitting diode and silicon phototransistor with a high current ratio. This radiation hard optocoupler operates within the full temperature range of -55°C to +125°C and has an input-to-output isolation voltage of 1,000VDC. Package styles for this device include a 4-Pad LCC however, we can also offer this part in a 6-Pad LCC solder dip options available.

Please download the datasheet for more specifications and information.