Calex – Application Example-Modular Energy Storage System (ESS)

CalEx LogoCalex’ new DC/DC Converter (24S24.42FXW) is the ideal choice for the industrial market segments as well as On and Off grid power systems.

DC/DC requirements (for the energy management system):

  • Input: 9-36V DC: Battery is the input power source (off grid).
  • Output: 24V/1000W: system main DC bus, driving loads such as: touch display, data monitoring system, Ethernet, GPRS/SATCOM, …
  • Form: PCB Mounted.
  • Operating temp (ambient): -40 °C to +105 °CCalex

The converter is suitable for the following applications:

Modular Energy Storage System (ESS), off grid, insulated within an 8-ft. storage container that protects it from harsh elements, Controlled and monitored by intelligent energy management system, can be tailored to any energy setup. The consumer gets Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with stable voltage and frequency.