Xsis – Obsolescence provider

Xsis specializes in the design and manufacturing of High Reliability Crystal Units and Crystal Oscillators for Military, Space, Industrial, Telecommunication and extremely high temperature down hole applications. Moreover, discontinued standard and military oscillators with different packages can be refabricated by Xsis after having received the technical data. Xsis also offers obsolete through hole packages, high shock and vibration designs, custom solutions and up-screening programs.

41+ years of experience and expertise with quartz crystals and hybrid microcircuit technologies have earned Xsis the status of a certified supplier and a reputation among its customers as one of the most reliable supplier of advanced design microcircuit crystal oscillators. By using proven designs and quality components, continually monitoring work in process, testing every finished oscillator/crystal unit and using only hermetically sealed metal or ceramic packages can the user be assured of what our customers call “Experienced Reliability”. Exceptionally good frequency aging characteristics are achieved by the use of precision quartz crystals manufactured using in-house proprietary processes.