Winslow – Allocation & Obsolescence Solutions (09/2021)

Winslow has worked as Obsolescence expert for more than 30 years. By remanufacturing legacy components, they are your trusted source for fast, cost-effective obsolescence solutions and supply chain shortages. Their services include:

  • Package / footprint conversion:
    Ideal for prototyping, bridging a supply gap or solving obsolescence these adapters/interposers enable the use of another component, perhaps from the same family, that has a different footprint whether the pin configuration is the same or not.
  • Device re-targeting:
    Winslow solutions harness their extensive knowledge of electronic hardware & software design and interconnect to reconfigure this intelligent core. Their drop-in alternatives bring the latest component technology to your board without the requirement for re-design or full system test.
  • Reverse Engineering:
    Their Reverse Engineering service extends to reviewing hard copy drawings for material and treatment processes in line with the EU REACH regulations, scanning complex forms to an accuracy of 5 microns where drawings no longer exist and manufacturing a minimum order quantity of just one part using CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Plastic Moulding or Casting.
  • Connectors:
    Winslow continue to maintain tooling for legacy connectors and will cross refer to most manufacturers part number and/or drawings to support numerous businesses.