Space IC’s POL converter SPPL12420RH on the EPPL

Space IC LogoSpace IC’s Point-of-Load converter SPPL12420RH is on the European Preferred Parts List (ESCC/RP/EPPL007-36), published in July 2018. This device is sensitive to non-destructive and destructive SEE induced by the space radiation environment. Refer to the manufacturer for additional information on both non-destructive (SET) and destructive SEE evaluation results. Adequate derating must be implemented to prevent some of these effects. The following rules based on thresholds obtained during SEE evaluation are valid:

  • LET ≤ 60MeV.cm2/mg : VIN ≤ 13V
  • LET ≤ 85MeV.cm2/mg : VIN ≤ 11V

Download the datasheet for more information on the SPPL12420RH. In addition, the second pdf document gives you an overview of Space IC’s power management product roadmap.

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