New KAMAKA division: E-Mobility

S1_KAMAKA Logo 1000 dpiBeing a central part of a smart and resource-conserving lifestyle, E-Mobility is a lucrative growth market in which more and more companies not only from the automotive industry but also beyond will participate.

Following these recent developments and trends of the industry we decided to add the division “E-Mobility” to our product portfolio. This division includes a wide range of vehicle batteries, EV-charger modules, hybrid vehicle solutions, capacitor modules and many more.

Our four divisions are now as follows: Hi-Rel Business, Power Management, Obsolescence Solutions and E-Mobility.

 You can find some examples of our products for our new division “E-Mobility” under the following headlines:

  • Calex – DC/DC Power ConvertersEV with blurred city abstract lights background
  • NetPower – 6.6 kW EV On-Board Charger Model CA16K6-336A1
  • Samwha – Green-Caps (Electric Double Layer Capacitors)