sotalogo2012_low_webState of the Art, Inc. (SOTA) is the leading manufacturer of high reliability thick and thin film resistive components for the surface mount and hybrid electronic industries. For more than a quarter of a century, reliability, quality and innovation have been the guiding principles of SOTA’s passive components. As a consequence, SOTA is able to provide the industry’s broadest range of high quality thin and thick film chip resistors, surface mount networks, and custom circuits.

State of the Art, Inc. is a highly qualified supplier of thick and thin film resistive components to the Biomedical, Communications, Aerospace, and Defense industries.

Warranty: 1 year

Certifications & Approvals: ISO9001, AS9100, MIL-STD-790, MIL-PRF-55342, MIL-PRF-914, MIL-PRF-32159

Applications: Space, Defense, Aviation, Hybrid Modules, Medical, Biomedical, New Space

Products: Thin & Thick Film Chip Resistors, Precision Chip Resistors, Military Products, High Frequency Products, Resistor Networks, Special Applications, Chip Attentuators, Current Sense Resistors, High Power Chip Resistors, High Voltage Chip Resistors, Power Moisture Compliant Chip Resistors, Zero Ohm Chip Resistors (Jumpers)

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