Magics Technologies

 Magics Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company based in Geel, Belgium, specializing in the development and manufacture of radiation hardened ICs for the space and nuclear market (or any harsh environment where radiation is present).

They offer a range of ICs all of which have been designed using their rad-hard-by-design methodology (RHBD) in these ITAR-free families: motion series; time series; power series, vision series and AI.  Thanks to thei unique rad-hard-by-design methodology, all chips benefit from the following features and improvements (compared to older comparable technology or solutions): – No shielding needed – Small and compact component footprint – Fewer external components for compact PCB-design – Less complex cabling or systems needed – Low power consumption – Free from ITAR regulations – Affordable reliability – Faster go-to-market due to their own stock supply (in Belgium).

Magics‘ portfolio includes a range of products such as positioning (Resolvers, LVDTs, etc.) and general sensor interface chips, clock generation and precise time measurement chips (LIDAR, Time-Of-Flight, etc.), and data serialization chips, among others.

Magics has proven analog/mixed-signal IPs and silicon, compliant with ESCC-Q-ST-60-02C, nuclear high-demanding standards, in-house expertise in chip-design, chip testing and radiation qualification capabilities. Overall, covering a wide spectrum of knowledge for guaranteed success.

Warranty: 1 year

Applications: Nuclear, Space, Medical, Autonomous Operation, Rovers/Landers, Drones Robotic, Satellite

Products: Chips for Resolver/LVDT, Thermocouple pressure sensors, Limit Switches, Relay Drivers and BiSS Communication. Low Power neural-network interface SOC for real time video/image processing. POL Converter with adjustable frequency 1-3 MHz. On-Board Clock-generation and time of flight sensors. Time-To-Digital Converters. All products with minimum 100KRad, 62,5 MeV cm²/mg

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