CalEx LogoCalex Mfg, Co., Inc.’s philosophy is the development of instrumentation and power conversion products as well as the offer of world class service and quality. Being a middle level “high tech” company, Calex manufactures roughly 40,000 products each month consuming approximately 1,000,000 components. Calex has more than 1000 different standard and custom catalog products.

Besides Calex’s 5 Year product warranty, their quality and reliability requirements are not only supported by their ISO9001:2008 certification but also by their Quality Assurance operations and through the design efforts of competent circuit designers. Every single Calex product is 100% tested on automatic test equipment and handled in a static safe environment. Another fact underlying Calex’s position as a top quality manufacturer is the possibility to demand PPM performance data upon request. Calex products are available as RoHS compliant.
Calex serves the high-end, quality oriented, COTS market.

Latest product catalogs: Calex Brochure, Power Solutions for Industrial and Railway

Warranty: 5 years

Certifications & Approvals: ISO9001:2000, ISO9001:2008, MIL-STD-1275B, MIL-STD-461E, RoHS

Fields of application: Avionics, Defense, Industrial, Marine, Medical Applications

Products: DC/DC Converters, Power Supplies, Signal Conditioners/ Instrumentation Modules, isolated Brick Converters, COTS solutions CBAM™

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