ISOCOM – VCSEL Laser Diodes

ISOCOM LOGOISOCOM introduces a new range of high power laser diodes available in a hermetically sealed metal can package – which are an efficient radiation source for continuous wave and pulsed wave operation. Through the new optimized strained quantum-well structure, reliability has been improved, with low threshold current and higher efficiency reached. A small size package provides efficient thermal coupling. The included thermistor allows wavelength control by temperature.

A new area of applications is developing that could bring lasers into every phone, car, and household. Smartphones, laptops, drones, robots, and cars increasingly embed functions to map the 3D space around them for reasons of navigation, identification, and augmented reality and/or virtual reality (AR/VR). All these devices require new sensors on board, providing measurement of the distance between objects in their environment in order to create 3D environmental mapping and data.

Please download the data sheet for more information.