Isocom – Optocouplers

ISOCOM LOGO_low_webISOCOM specialize in the manufacture of hermetically sealed, radiation hard, high-reliability optocouplers. Their products are designed with space, military defense and aerospace applications in mind.

Their range of optocouplers consist of the following categories:

  • Transistor
  • High Gain
  • High Gain Photon
  • High Speed
  • Zero Crossing Triacisocom-1
  • Photo MOSFET
  • Photodiode
  • Linear
  • Darlington
  • AC Transistor
  • Isolation Amplifier

 Radiation hard

Isocom’s optocouplers have undergone radiation testing by NASA JPL, Fraunhofer Institute and others, and have been proven to be effective under the influence of radiation, up to 100, 150, 300 Krad(si), and in some instances up to 1 Mrad(si). During comparison testing their optocouplers have performed best against devices from other manufacturers.


Isocom’s optocouplers are available in a variety of packages, including: Dual In-Line (DIP); Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC); Flatpack; Metal Can, Hybrid, and more. Their flexibility helps designers to improve the assembly process, and to reduce weight and cost without compromising radiation requirement approvals.

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