Isocom – IS49 Optocoupler (04/2022)

Isocom’s popular IS49 optocoupler has been selected and used in many space systems including the H2SAT communications satellite. This device is a single channel, hermetically sealed optically coupled isolator.  It is comprised of an infrared emitting diode and a silicon phototransistor. The IS49 is being used in environments encountered by space applications.
Package styles for this device include an LCC-6 package, with solder dip option available. Absolute maximum ratings, recommended operating conditions, electrical specifications and performance characteristics are identical for all units.  Any exceptions, due to packaging variations and limitations, are as noted in the datasheet.


  • Hermetically sealed
  • LCC-6 package
  • Withstand test voltage up to 1,000VDC
  • Low input requirements
  • High current transfer ratio
  • Radiation tolerance tested to 150 Krad(si)
  • Displacement damage tested to 1 MEV x 1013
  • Small outline package for surface mount
  • Surface mount alternative for 4N49/4N49U

Screening Level:

IS49                       Commercial grade
IS49/L2                 Military Defence & Aerospace grade
IS49/L2S              Space grade

Package Options:

#20                        Solder dip