Isocom – CHD320 Photovoltaic Optocoupler for Isolated Solid-State Relays with Higher Gate Voltage for Space Satellite Applications (09/2022)

The CHD320’s minimum open voltage (VOC) of 10V, double that of standard 5-volt device, which means that only one CHD320 is required to drive the gate of a high voltage power MOSFET. This reduces the part count, improves reliability, saves PCB space, and reduces material costs.

The photocoupler is housed in a ceramic package with either Metal or Ceramic lid sealing, measuring just 3.85 x 3.85 x 1.6mm, making it suitable for driving the gates of high voltage power MOSFETs. This can be used to develop a galvanically-isolated solid-state relay function.

The CHD320 is ISOCOM’s first photovoltaic coupler to feature a minimum isolation voltage (BVS) of 500V rms.

For more information, download the datasheet.