IR – SupIR-SMD® package

IR is moving forward with the new SupIR-SMD® package which has numerous benefits for you.

  • Direct PCB mountable
  • No carrier or additional leads necessary
  • High current carrying capability like SMD2
  • Ability to easily inspect the solder joints as they are at the side, not underneath the part.

The product is also available in the 300kRad version– IRHNS63264.

IR can offer you a complete N-CH MOSFET family with the new SupIR-SMD® package.

IRHNS57Z60 (30V)

IRHNS57160 (100V)

IRHNS67164 (150V)

IRHNS67264 (250V)

Please download the respective Datasheet in order to get more information.