IR – R9 Rad Hard MOSFET Technology (11/2021)

Higher performance & efficiencies with low risk design reuse

International Rectifier HiRel (IR HiRel)’s new R9 superjunction technology platform offers notable size, weight and power improvements over prior rad hard MOSFET generations, delivering superior performance and efficiencies with a well-known silicon gate drive setup.
A simple drop-in, R9 enables a high degree of design reuse, yielding immediate efficiency improvements in your proven circuitry. R9 is a low risk upgrade path to higher performing space-grade power systems, with assured confidence in overall system reliability.

IR’s full ecosystem of N- and P-channel R9 MOSFETs delivers a range of options for high-reliability applications such as:

  • Space-grade DC-DC converters
  • Intermediate bus converters
  • Motor controllers
  • Other high-speed switching designs
  • High-side, low frequency load switching
  • Overload protection switching
  • Circuits requiring linear mode operation