Guangzhou Top Power – DC/DC Converters for E-Mobility

Guangzhou Top Power designs and manufactures DC/DC converters ideally suited for E-Mobility applications.

TP20(30)DC Series: 20-30W 1.5KVDC isolated Wide Input Voltage DC/DC Converters
The rated output power is 20W,30W, 2:1 ,4:1 input voltage range, the voltage range is 9V-18V,18V-36V,36V-75V, 9V-36V, 18V-75V.The accuracy of the converter can reach ±1%, it can be widely used in telecommunications, railway transportation, Auto, industrial, instrument etc.

TPET Series: 1W 3KVDC Isolated Single Output SMD DC/DC Converters
Miniature surface mounted DC/DC Converters are an ideal and economical solution for many applications where noise reduction, voltage isolation, voltage conversion in distributed power systems is required. These converters are qualified for the higher temperatures requested by lead-free reflow solder processes, especially for automated SMD production lines.

TPJ-2W Series: 2W 6KVDC Isolated Single and Dual Output DC/DC Converters
The TPJ-2W series are miniature, 6KVDC isolated 2W DC-DC converters in a SIP package with single and dual output voltage.
They offer the ideal solution in many space critical applications for board level power distribution. The internal SMD construction makes it possible to offer a product with high performance at low cost. The series offers smaller size, improved efficiency, lower output ripple noise.

Please download the data sheets for more information.