EverSwitch – Sterilizable Piezo Solutions

EverSwitch touch metal piezoelectric switches, keypads and control panels  are designed for a variety of applications, including medical industry, clean rooms and food processing, where sterile environment and reliability are critical . EverSwitch products and solutions withstand harsh and chemical wash-down. They are high-pressure and high-temperature resistant and work in the most demanding conditions.

EverSwitch Piezo Solutions work in harsh conditions:

  • Touch Metal housings with no moving parts to prevent germ accumulation
  • Completely sealed to prevent ingress of liquids, chemicals or contaminants
  • Withstands cleaning with any type of detergent, surfactant or chemical
  • Exceeds IP69K standards for high-pressure wash-down
  • Warranted for five years in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • High and low temperature resistant (operational from -40 to +85C)