EVANSCAPS For Space Applications

Electronic components used in space applications require the highest levels of quality, reliability and performance in a compact and lightweight package. EVANSCAPS provide the DC storage power solution to meet these critical design requirements.

EVANSCAPS, made by Evans Capacitor Company, are the most power dense capacitor in the industry. These hybrid wet tantalum capacitors provide significant savings of space and weight in addition to superior electrical performance when compared to other capacitor technologies. They are available in a wide range of capacitance values in voltages between 10V to 150V.

The rugged design of EVANSCAPS allow them to withstand extreme shock, vibration, and temperature environments. Their unmatched quality performance is supported by the rigorous 48 hours of testing each individual capacitor undergoes before leaving the factory. Each capacitor is serialized and shipped with CAP / ESR / DCL data provided on the COC.

EVANSCAPS are qualified and in service with all Tier 1 US aerospace and defense companies. They are routinely evaluated and selected for use in a variety of space applications. EVANSCAPS adhere to the NASA INST-002  Tantalum Wet capacitor Screening and Qualification guide in addition to individual customer screening requirements based on the specific mission profile.

Visit www.evanscap.com to learn more. Samples are readily available for your evaluation.