EVANSCAPS – Advanced Capacitors for Demanding Applications

EVANSCAPS are one of the most power dense capacitors in the industry. The unique hybrid technology provides significant SWaP savings and enables many of today’s most advanced applications.


  • Significant savings of space, weight, and power compared to other capacitor technologies
  • Qualified and in service with all tier 1 aerospace and defense contractors
  • Ultra-low ESR and inductance
  • Withstands high current, temperature, shock, and vibration
  • Rugged hermetically sealed Hi-Rel designs
  • MTBF > 5 million hours


Common Applications:

  • Radar
  • Laser
  • Filtering
  • Power Hold-Up/Bridge Power (MIL-STD 704/DO-160)
  • Space Applications (Qualified to NASA INST-002)
  • Downhole Drilling
  • Electronic Warfare