e-peas – Highly-efficient, regulated dual-outputs, ambient energy manager for TEG with optional primary battery

e-peas 300The AEM20940 is an integrated energy management subsystem that extracts DC power from a TEG to simultaneously store energy in a rechargeable element and supply the system with two independent regulated voltages. The AEM20940 allows to extend battery lifetime and ultimately eliminates the primary energy storage element in a large range of wireless applications like industrial monitoring, home automation and smart agriculture.

The AEM20940 harvests the available input current up to 110 mA. It integrates an ultra-low power boost converter to charge a storage element, such as a Li-ion battery, a thin film battery, a supercapacitor or a conventional capacitor. The boost converter operates with input voltages in a range from 50 mV to 5 V. With its unique cold-start circuit, it can start operating with empty storage elements at an input voltage as low as 380mV and an input power of just 3 µW. Thanks to an external optional module, the input voltage for coldstart lowers to 100mV with an input power of just 80 µW.


  • Ultra-low-power start-upepeas neu2
  • Ultra-low-power boost regulator
  • Integrated 1.2/1.8 V LDO regulator
  • Integrated 1.8/2.5/3.3 V LDO regulator
  • Flexible energy storage management
  • Optional primary battery
  • Integrated balun for dual-cell supercapacitor



  • TEG harvestinge-peas 20940
  • Smart agriculture
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Wireless sensor nodes
  • Home automation


Evaluation Boards are available.