Calex – DC/DC Power Converters

New CalEx LogoThe DC/DC Power Converters of Calex enable the next generation of travel. They provide power conversion for autonomous driving, robo-taxis, hybrid electric vehicles, delivery drones and last mile transit. The advantages of Calex Power Converters are numerous: one of the highest power density in the industry, ultra-thin height profile, small size, industry leading efficiency, light weight and ruggedized designs.

The 3,000 Watt 48S12.3K0BCI Bi-directional non-isolated DC/DC converter provides a complete solution for in-vehicle power distribution with 12V/48V battery configurations for a variety of applications including micro and mild hybrid automotive systems.


  • Automotive 12V/48V Battery System
  • Low Side (LS): 12V Input Voltage Range: 6V to 18V
  • High Side (HS): 48V Input Voltage Range: 24V to 58V
  • Overcurrent, Overvoltage, & Over-temperature Protection. All protections are latching.
  • Disconnect switch on LS (12V) and HS (48V)
  • Reverse polarity protection on LS (12V)calex bci
  • Constant Voltage and Constant Current Mode
  • Average Current Mode Control
  • Custom Charging Profile for the Battery Pack
  • LS and HS Current Monitoring
  • Internal temperature monitoring
  • High power density
  • Low profile 0.9”
  • Efficiency up to 97%
  • Dimensions 9.45” x 5.37” x 0.73”
  • Weight 2.86 lb (1.22 Kg)
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Constant switching frequency
  • CAN 2.0b Interface including remote ON/OFF
  • Good shock and vibration damping
  • Highly Integrated Solution
  • RoHS Compliant