Aurasemi -Innovator of MEMS, Power,RF, Timing, IoT and Sensor Solutions (10/2023)

Aurasemi is a multinational fabless semiconductor company that designs and supplies the industry with leading Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits solutions for a variety of applications. Aurasemi develops and supplies the industry with integrated circuit products of the highest performance, quality reliability. Their product portfolio is composed of advanced Timing, Power Management and Delivery systems, RF Signal Chain components as well as MEMS IMU’s and flow sensors.

Applications: Communication, Data Center, Internet of Things, Automotive amongst others

Timing: SyncE & IEEE 1588, Jitter Attenuators, Clock Generators, Buffers, Oscillators
Power Management & Delivery Systems: Power Controllers, DC/DC, LDO, Buck-Boost, SPS
RF Signal Chain: FEM, Power Amplifier, Switches
MEMS: Accelerometer, Gyroscope
IOT & Sensors: Water Flow Sensors, Position Sensors

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