SPACE IC – POL Synchronous Rectified Step-Down Converter

Space IC LogoSPACE IC is expert in the development, manufacturing and qualification of radiation-hard integrated circuits for space applications. One of their products is a Synchronous Rectified Step-Down Converter. The SPPL12420RH is a radiation hardened monolithic synchronous buck regulator featuring integrated 130 mΩ MOSFETs that provide continuous 2 A output load current. The SPPL12420RH can be operated at input voltages up to 24 V.

Since the lot qualification testing of the SPPL12420RH product completed and passed in adherence to the ESCC 9000 requirements in January 2016, SPACE IC offers Flight Models of the highly efficient and easy applicable POL converter IC in hermetic ceramic flatpack 16.

In July 2016 the SPPL12420RH became registered in the Euopean Preferred Parts List (EPPL), issue 32. The EPPL is the list of EEE parts for space application to be used as a guideline for European space projects.