Redler – The Rayon Micro – small power to size product with high quality and capabilities

Redler’s Micro Rayon, which is in the process of re-branding, is the smallest power to size product with high quality and capabilities.


  • SMD – customers can solder it to their own board. Thus, it is a great advantage since the customers do not need any special communication protocol or space in their platforms
  • Power – up to 12.5Arms continues @up to 48V, which is extremely unique for its size
  • Standards – customers do not need special standards for it


  • Defense
    • Sight systems
    • Small remote weapon systems
    • Small UAV/UAS propulsion
    • Gimbals and pedestals
    • Multi channels actuation application
  • Industrial
    • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)
    • Robotics – Robots with arms
    • Printing machines
    • Production machines
  • Automotive
    • Small electrical vehicles
  • Medical