Redler – The Rayon Micro – Small Power to Size Servo Motion Controller with High Quality and Capabilities

Redler’s Micro Rayon, which is in the process of re-branding, is the smallest power to size servo motion controller with high quality and capabilities.


  • SMD – customers can solder it to their own board. Thus, it is a great advantage since the customers do not need any special communication protocol or space in their platforms
  • Power – up to 12.5Arms continues @up to 48V, which is extremely unique for its size
  • Standards – customers do not need special standards for it


  • Robotic application
  • Remote weapon stations (RWS)
  • UAV and drones
  • Gimbal or surveillance systems
  • Radar applications

Micro Rayon (RS232/RS422) – ​Overview

  • Sinusoidal, flux-oriented control and trapezoid drive
  • Hall, Incremental encoder feedback
  • PI closed loop modes: Current
  • 12.5A continues current –RMS
  • 10 sec 25A over drive
  • RS232 communication
  • Analog and / or digital commands
  • Firmware upgrade via RS232
  • Protections: Temperature, voltage, CPU, encoders, hall, motor stuck and more
  • 3 digital input. 3 digital outputs
  • GUI – Load/Read parameters and high-speed live graph monitor
  • Comprehensive Error massages
  • Reliable: rigid construction high current 92A 100V Power MOSFETs
  • Hardware short motor winding protection
  • Operating temperature -40°c to 71°c
  • SMD board mount
  • Efficiency – 97%
  • Dimensions : 32mm X 27mm X 9 mm