RD Alfa – MIL-STD-1553/1760 5V Monolithic Dual Transceiver

RD_ALFA_Logo_low_webThe αRD1567 is a low power CMOS dual transceiver designed to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-1553/1760 specifications.

The transmitter section of each channel takes complimentary CMOS/TTL digital input data and converts them to bi-phase Manchester encoded 1553 signals suitable for driving the bus isolation transformer. Separate transmitter inhibition control signals are provided for each transmitter.

The receiver section of each channel converts the 1553 bus bi-phase data to complimentary CMOS/TTL data suitable for input to a Manchester decoder. Each receiver has a separate enable input which can be used to force the output of the receiver to a logic 0. To minimize the package size for this function, the transmitter outputs are internally connected to the receiver inputs, so that only two pins are required for connection to each coupling transformer.

The αRD1567 has 5000V HBM built-in ESD protection.

More on RD Alfa: The development of αRD124A and αRD108A is finished and RD Alfa is starting radiation qualification of these parts. RD Alfa plans to test both parts for TID Low dose rate 150Krads.

Please download the PDF document in order to get more information.rd alfa-2