Netzer – Case Study Nasa – Robonaut 2 (11/2021)

The robot joints incorporate dual encoders for position and torque feedback while performing in a dynamic application, vibration, shocks, and wide temperature range.


  • Hollow shaft
  • High precision
  • Low profile
  • Torque control


  • Out of the basic Netzer DS product line of Absolute Position Electric Encoder™, for such applications, special outgassing materials, and housings are usually needed.
  • Netzer ability to design, manufacture & test special designs.
  • Compact, low profile, lightweight & wide bore: Allowing high-level integration for a low profile arm joint design.
  • Frameless & contactless with a negligible rotor weight: No mechanical parts operating, resulting in a long-lasting operational time, introducing no extra weight & inertia (load) to the system.
  • Immune to magnetic interference: Can be very close to the frameless motor magnets.
  • High resolution 19 bit & accuracy < 0.010deg for very low speed & step moving accuracy with high repeatability of on standstill positioning of 1 count.
  • Standard digital serial interfaces, SSi, BiSS.