NetPower – New Power Supplies

NetPowerNetPower offers field-proven standard power converters, modified-standard products and fully customized power solutions as well. In order to meet the requirements of their customers and the industry, NetPower developed new power supplies, including High Voltage Input DC/DC Converters, Custom Products, Micro Power DC/DC Converter and Lower Power AC/DC Products.

High Voltage Input DC/DC Converters

  • High efficiency and excellent thermal performance
  • Encapsulated for harsh environments
  • Different temperature grades are available
  • Designed to meet IEC60950-1 2nd edition as well as IPC-9592, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-883

Custom Products

  • Custom design to given specifications
  • Fully customized and modified standard products available
  • High efficiency, high density and high reliability
  • Quick development based on proven platformsnetpower-300.PNG
  • Excellent technical support and service

250W 56Vout for RF Application

  • Input range: 18V – 36V
  • Output voltages: 56V to ensure 48V at ODU
  • Metal frame with baseplate
  • Include EMI filter and inrush control
  • Input reverse polarity protection

AC and 4DC Input, 150W 48VDC Output

  • Input range: Universal AC or 190 – 400VDC
  • Output voltages: 48V
  • Efficiency: 88% (at 260VDC Input)
  • 12C communication

5-output 60W for RF Application

  • Wide Input range: 26V – 72V
  • Output: 3,3V; +/-5,1V; 10,4V; 13V
  • Conduction cooled, open frame with baseplate

Micro Power DC/DC Converters

  • 2:1 and 4:1 Input voltage ranges
  • Micro Output power range from 1w to 30W
  • Leading thermal performance
  • Industrial standard packages
  • DIP, SIP, and SMD package available
  • CB/CE/UL approved

Lower Power AC/DC Products