MicroPilot – Redundant Frequency Communications: MP2128LRC2 und MP2128HELI-LRC2

Micro Pilot Logo 300The MP2x28 family of autopilots is the choice for UAV operators who need a reliable, integrated system that performs in all scenarios.

As a world leader in miniature UAV autopilots, MicroPilot is continuously developing dynamic new systems to serve clients in the industry. “LRC” stands for “Long Range Communication”, which refers to the LRC’s most significant benefit, a redundant, long-range data communication link allowing greater distance and flexibility. The LRC ground unit uses standard, off-the-shelf radio modems. The ground station adds RC control information to the existing GCS datalink and a second redundant datalink, which reduces possible failure modes.

More features:

  • Dual frequency fly-by datalink
  • Aviation grade connectors
  • Redundant processor for manual control
  • Includes GCS Software
  • 12 servo outputs
  • 8 high current drivers
  • 8 analog inputs
  • Backup manual control

Please download the data sheet for more information.

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