Nanoramic Thermexit™ is a line of high-end thermal interface gap filler pads. Nanoramic’s® gap fillers are a non-reactive, non-silicon, no cure system featuring high thermal conductivity and high thermal stability. Nanoramic® produces 2 novel product lines, a  High Performance TIM Gap Filler and an   Electrically Insulating  TIM Gap Filler.

The Nanoramic Thermexit™ technology is derived from years of government funded research and development in advanced materials including the application of carbon nanotubes in electrochemical systems as well as dispersion, compounding and coating process for composites of nanotubes and other carbons. Based on a deep knowledge of nanocarbon materials, processes, and applications, Nanoramic® has demonstrated success in polymer-based composites, thermal interface materials, and binderless electrodes for energy storage

Latest product catalog: High Performance TIM Gap Filler, Electrically Insulating TIM Gap Filler

Applications: High Power Density, Semiconductors, Power Supplies, Motor Controls, High Power Cooling Systems, Thermal Management, EVC Products

Products: High Performance TIM Gap Filler and Electrically Insulating TIM Gap Filler

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