SAMWHA logo_low_webSamwha Capacitor is one of the big leaders of the digital revolution in the electronics and telecommunication industry. Their product ranges include high value capacitors such as Power Capacitor, MLCC, EMI Filter, Chip Inductor, MLV and Ultra High Voltage MLCC.

In order to fulfill the challenges of the New Millennium, a worldwide network strategy has been pursued, an ERP system implemented (in order to streamline domestic and international business) and the Six Sigma values have become their corporate value.

Warranty: 1 year01_edlc

Certifications & Approvals: ISO/TS16949:2002, ISO14001:2004

Fields of application: Hybrid Vehicles, Renewable Energy System PV, Wind, UPS High Power Performance vs. Battery

Products: Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Disc Ceramic Capacitors, Varistors, EMI Filters, Bead & Inductors, Shunt Power Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors for Inverter (hybrid vehicle)

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