logo-infineonInfineon technologies is an important supplier of discrete semi­conductor devices for the high-reliability community and has an excellent reputation in the space community for over 40 years. The device family includes radiation hard PowerMOS transistors, PN, PIN and schottky diodes as well as microwave transistors. Based on the unique Infineon CoolMOS™ technology the radiation hard PowerMOS transistors are worldwide benchmark for 250 V devices in radiation hardness and electrical performance. The TID hardness is specified up to 100 krad (300 krad on request) and SEE was tested up to LET55 with Xe and LET84 with Au ions.

Contrary to the high-volume markets where low-cost plastic packages are used, the semiconductor dies are assembled in hermetically sealed packages to create HiRel standard products for professional applications. It should be stressed, however, that these HiRel components take full advantage of the stabilized mass production of wafers for the consumer and commercial markets.

The wafers are selected from the best controlled volume production and have to pass special additional acceptance tests. All HiRel devices are also available as qualified chip (bare die) from specially approved and reserved wafers. Based on their proven reliability, the components are best suited for use in high-reliability projects, e.g. for space applications.

Infineon HiRel Components are offered in different quality levels:

  • “SAM” are electrically functional samples
  • “P” for professional level used in Engineering Modules (EM)
  • “ES” for ESA space level for ESA satellites Flight Modules (FM)
  • Customized screening

Applications: Space Heritage, Satellite Programs, Microwave Applications, RF-Foundry Services, New Space

Products: HiRel rad-hard PowerMOS transistors,  HiRel silicon diodes, HiRel silicon bipolar transistors

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