International Rectifier – Radiation Hardened Power MOSFET Surface Mount (SupSMD-2)

IR HiRel R5Logo_IRF-HiRel_4C technology provides superior power MOSFETs for space applications. These devices have improved immunity to Single Event Effect (SEE) and have been characterized for useful performance with Linear Energy Transfer (LET) up to 90MeV/(mg/cm2). Their combination of low RDS(on) and faster switching times reduces the power losses and increases power density in today’s high speed switching applications such as DC-DC converters and motor controllers. These devices retain all of the well established advantages of MOSFETs such as voltage control, fast switching, ease of paralleling and temperature stability of electrical parameters.


  • Low RDS(on)
  • Fast SwitchingIR – Strahlungsfeste MOSFETs Surface Mount (SupSMD-2) IRHNS57Z60-2
  • Single Event Effect (SEE) Hardened
  • Low Total Gate Charge
  • Simple Drive Requirements
  • Ease of Paralleling
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Electrically Isolated
  • Ceramic package
  • Light Weight
  • Surface Mount
  • ESD Rating: Class TBD per MIL-STD-750, Method 1020