International Rectifier – DLA Approval on R9 MOSFETs

Logo_IRF-HiRel_4CInternational Rectifier has received the DLA approval on their first R9 MOSFETs. They can offer you radiation hardened N-Channel field effect transistors, Silicon types 2N7648 with quality levels JANTXV and JANS.

The part numbers are:

IRHNJ9A7130 – 2N7648U3 (SMD-0.5, metal lid)

IRHNJC9A7130 – 2N7648U3C (SMD-0.5, ceramic lid)

IRHYS9A7130CM – 2N7648T3 (TO-257)

IRHYB9A7130CM – 2N7648D5 (TO-257 tabless)

This includes:

screening levels – JANTXV and JANS

RHA levels – R (100k rads) and F (300k rads)