Infineon – Radiation Hard PowerMOS Transistors 60V N-Channel

Infineon proudly announces that they have finished the ESA qualification for their new 60V technology. With this technology an on Resistance as low as 6 mOhm and a DC current of up to 80A can be achieved.


  • Total Ionization Dose TID 100krad
  • Single Event Effect (SEE):
    LET 62, Range: 73μm (Xe) VGS = -15V, VDS = 60V;
    LET 95, Range: 86μm (Pb) VGS = -5V, VDS = 60V;
  • Samples available
  • ESCC qualification finished
  • Spice and Saber Model available
  • Datasheet available

Please download the respective data sheet for more details.

Flight parts could be ordered with a lead time of 22 weeks.
All products are completely made by Infineon.
These European products are controlled by European Export regulation and not subjected to US Export Control.