Infineon – KAMAKA exclusive representative for Infineon HiRel

logo-infineonStarting from June 1st, 2016, KAMAKA Electronic is the exclusive representative for Infineon´s HiRel division. With Infineon, we were able to win one of the most important suppliers of discrete semi­conductor devices for the high-reliability community. The device family includes radiation hard PowerMOS transistors, PN, PIN and schottky diodes as well as microwave transistors.

Infineon HiRel Components are offered in different quality levels:

  • “SAM” are electrically functional samples
  • “P” for professional level used in Engineering Modules (EM)
  • “ES” for ESA space level for ESA satellites Flight Modules (FM)
  • Customized screening

You can downlowad an update concerning Infineon´s 150V PowerMOS Technology. The project went very well and the qualification took place in March.
Infineon was able to expand their product line with 4 devices (BUY15CS23J-01, BUY15CS57A-01, BUY15CS23K-01, BUY15CS45B-01). You can download the ESCC specifications.

You can also download Infineon´s product catalog and HiRel presentation.