JET / Alexander Electric – High Efficiency AC/DC Power Supplies

aeAlexander Electric / Goncharov Electric JET manufactures power supplies with an output power from 30W to 5000W. The one phase application is specified with 60W to 2000W and Uout 5V to 48V DC single output. The three phase application with 2000W – 5000W and Uout 24V, 27V and 48V single output.

These AC/DC power supplies are performed upon specialized circuitry with a heat-conducting insulating compound, allowing their application in extreme operating conditions: high efficiency with PFC up to 93%, temperature range from -50°C to +85°C, humidity of 95% and other external factors such as dust or vibration. The modules have a full range of security features in emergency situations, including overheating, over-voltage at the output, overload and short circuit on the output. Thus, the JETA series allows you to develop power systems which require a combination of strict requirements in terms of weight and size parameters and harsh conditions of exposure to external environmental and mechanical factors.

One example of the JETA series is the 1200W AC/DC power supply, which has the following features: power density up to 1279W/dm³, without fan, low profile: 38.1design with terminal blocks and galvanically isolated output channels.

Alexander Electric / Goncharov Electric JET develops high power density low profile high-end power supplies resistant to a large number of harsh environment conditions. Their products can be used in industrial automation, IT industry, telecommunications/radars and military area and they meet the EMI – Industrial Standard EN 55022 Curve B.