EVANSCAPS For High Power LASER Applications

EvansCapsHigh Power solid state lasers require very high current pulse drivers, able to maintain voltage with minimum droop, throughout the pulse. EVANSCAPS, Tantalum Hybrid Capacitors from Evans Capacitor Company provide bulk energy storage and very low ESR to enable higher power LASER targeting and LASER weapons.

EVANSCAPS in THQ, THS, and TDD styles are providing high current pulse power for both ground and airborne LASER targeting systems.

The TDD series capacitors with high capacitance and very low ESR will support the highest currents with minimal voltage droop. The TDD series encompasses a unique internal construction that greatly reduces ESR, providing greater efficiency, generate less heat, and are capable of very high peak discharge currents. The low inductance design facilitates a very short rise time and excellent frequency response. Lower ESR at -40C provides improved performance over the entire required temperature range.

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By the way, Evans Capacitor is the recipient of the 2018 National Subcontractor of the Year award from the United States Small Business Administration. Evans Capacitor Company was chosen among thousands of subcontractors throughout the US, which explains why all important American defense contractors rank among Evans’ customers.