Epsilor – Large Format Rechargeable Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Epsilor-ElecticFuel LogoLarge format rechargeable lithium batteries are the technology of choice for electric vehicles (EVs). This battery chemistry provides the best value proposition with optimal performance, energy density, reliability and life.

The batteries are employed in commercial EVs, quiet military vehicles, robots and underwater and unmanned air vehicles. This technology is also achieving notable design wins in grid storage applications.

Epsilor has designed packs with all li-ion chemistries, namely; li-ion phosphate, lithium cobalt and lithium polymer. EV battery packs must be able to survive extreme temperatures and continuous road vibrations and have a lifetime that exceeds 10 years.

One example of this is the 24V Rechargeable Li Ion battery (ELI-24V3130Wh-G49):

  • Standard battery size – BCI group 49Epsilor
  • 4 times the energy at 1 hour rate, compared with 12V same size AGM battery
  • High energy & high-power density
  • Internal BMS & safety switch providing 100% safe and protected pack
  • LED State Of Charge Indicator (SOCI)
  • CANbus 2.0 communication interface
  • Fast charging – approximately 1.5 hours to full charge