Epsilor – 12V Rechargeable Li-Iron Phosphate Battery (ELP-12145)

  • Standard BCI group 49 replacement for lead-acid batteriesEpsilor33
  • 100% higher energy density than in similar lead acid battery
  • Internal BMS and charger supporting safe and monitored usage
  • LED State of Charge Indicator (SOCI)
  • Remote monitoring by Bluetooth from smartphone/ tablet
  • Fast charging – approximately 1 hour to full charge
  • More than 5000 cycles


Marine, Telecom, special purpose vehicles, recreational, automotive, renewable energy storage


Internal BMS provides protection from:

  • Over charge and over discharge;
  • Over current charging or discharging;
  • Short circuit
  • Over/ under-Temperature
  • Reverse polarity

Quality System

  • ISO-9001:2008


  • UN-38.3
  • UL-listed (for cells)
  • IEC_62133
  • IEC_62281
  • IEC_62619