Datel – AT SERIES (2” x 1” Package): Up to 15 Watt DC/DC Converter

Datel - AT SeriesThe AT series offer up to 15 watts of output power in standard 2.00 x 1.00 x 0.4 inches packages. This series features high efficiency and 1500 Volts of DC isolation. The AT series provides a 4:1 wide input voltage range of 9 to 36 or 18 to 75VDC, and delivers accurate regulated output. These modules operate over the ambient operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C. These converters are fully protected against input UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out), over-current, over-voltage and continuous short circuit protection. In addition, the option control functions include Positive Remote On/Off and adjustable output voltage.



  • Industry standard footprint (2 inch X 1 inch)
  • Regulated Outputs, Fixed Switching Frequency
  • Up to 88 % Efficiency
  • 4:1 Input Range
  • Up to 15 Watts of Power
  • -40°C to +85°C temperature range
  • Remote On/Off logic control (Option)
  • No Tantalum Capacitors
  • Continuous Short Circuit and Over Current Protection



  • Distributed Power Architecture
  • Mobile telecommunication
  • Industrial applications
  • Battery operated equipment

Available options:

  • Customizable output voltages
  • CE Mark 2004/108/EC certification
  • UL60950-1, EN60950-1, and IEC60950-1 safety