Calex – Compact 3500W Bi-Directional DC/DC converter for Micro Hybrid Automotive Applications

CalEx LogoThe 3,500 Watt 48S14.250BC Bidirectional non-isolated DC/DC converter provides a complete solution for in-vehicle power distribution in 12V/48V battery configurations for a variety of applications including micro and mild hybrid automotive systems. The bidirectional DC/DC converter charges a low side (12V) battery during normal operation (buck mode) and charges or assists the high voltage (48V) battery in emergency situations (boost mode). The bidirectional DC/DC converter operates more as an ideal current source with variable direction, thus allowing energy transfer between two voltage domains. Voltage feedback maintains output voltage within the acceptable operating range and eventually allows a custom charging profile for the battery pack.


  • Automotive 12V/48V Battery Systembc727
  • Low Side (LS): 12V Input Voltage Range: 6V to 18V
  • High Side (HS): 48V Input Voltage Range: 24V to 58V
  • Overcurrent, Overvoltage, & Over-temperature Protection. All protections are latching.
  • Disconnect switch on LS (12V)
  • Constant Voltage and Constant Current Mode
  • Average Current Mode Control
  • Custom Charging Profile for the Battery Pack
  • LS Current and internal temperature Monitoring
  • High power density
  • Low profile 0.725”
  • Efficiency up to 97%
  • Dimensions 9.45” x 5.37” x 0.73”
  • Weight 2.86 lb (1.22 Kg)
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Constant switching frequency
  • CAN 2.0b Interface including remote ON/OFF
  • Good shock and vibration damping
  • Common ground with two terminals
  • Highly Integrated Solution Using Automotive Qualified Components
  • RoHS Compliant

The 48S14.250BC converter is backed by Calex’s Five Year Warranty.