1000 Watt DC/DC Converter for liquid fuel cells

CalEx LogoThe 4:1 Input Voltage 1000 Watt Single FXP DC/DC converter provides a regulated dc output with capability for paralleling up to three converters. Current sharing among converters is achieved using droop method and does not require a current share pin. The output voltage is fully isolated from the input, allowing the output to be positive or negative polarity and with various ground connections. The 1000 Watt FXP meets the most rigorous performance standards in an industry standard footprint for process control (24Vin), and military COTS (28 Vin) applications.

The 4:1 Input Voltage 1000 Watt FXP includes remote ON/OFF and Remote Sense. Threaded through holes are provided to allow easy mounting or addition of a heatsink for extended temperature operation. The converters high efficiency and high power density are accomplished through use of high-efficiency synchronous rectification technology, advanced electronic circuit, packaging and thermal design thus resulting in a high reliability product. Converter operates at a fixed frequency and follows conservative component de-rating guidelines.

The converters are ideal for liquid fuel cells that operate as battery charger for a wide variety of stationary applications, including wireless base stations or for liquid fuel cells that operate as on-board battery charger for a wide variety of vehicles in the materials-handling industry.

Product is designed and manufactured in the USA.


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