RD Alfa

RD_ALFA_Logo_low_webFounded in 1962, RD Alfa is still a precursor in the electronic technology of today. More than 5 decades of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality analog microcircuits, prove that RD Alfa is the expert of analog and analog to digital technology (Bi-polar, Bi-FET, complementary Bi-polar, CMOS, and Bi-CMOS). RD Alfa is renowned for the development and production of certified high reliability and radiation hardened microelectronics components not only for aerospace and defense equipment but also for special purpose microcircuits.

All products are ITAR free from Latvia. Operational Temperature -60°C to +125°C as standard for Military. Tested to -63°C.

RD Alfa has the following competitive advantages for you: complete assembly, complete cycle of development of integrated circuits, continuous control of microcircuits quality, fast design and manufacturing of microcircuits according to the customer´s specification, competitive pricing and lead time, traditional style warranty and full traceability. Moreover, RD Alfa possesses the unique technology of production of complementary bipolar vertical transistors with dielectric isolation or p-n junction with three buried layers, deep collector area, super-ß and JFET transistors.

Latest product catalog: RD Alfa Products

Warranty: for space parts: 25 years & 150,000 working hoursRDALFA_Linecard_white
for military parts: 25 years & 100,000 working hours

Certifications & Approvals: DIN EN ISO9001:2008, EMC Certificate (Russia), EN60065 (TUV Nord Baltik), 9001:2000

Fields of Application: aerospace and defense equipment, special purpose microcircuits

Products: operational amplifiers, comparators, transistor pairs, amplifiers, analog switches, multifunction integrated circuits, micropowers, activation integrated circuits, threshold receivers

For more information: http://www.rdalfa.eu/

Some interesting impressions of RD Alfa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUndo1kKrJE